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10 Habits to Become a Highly Successful Saver

Infgraphic 10 Habits to Become a Highly Successful SaverStart creating these 10 habits to become a highly successful saver.

1. Making Savings a Priority

Put aside a certain amount each month for your savings account, and make it automatic so you don’t even have to think about it.

2. Not Spending Your Raise

This is one of the best opportunities to pay off debt or sock away some money in your savings.

3. Making a Budget

Tracking your expenses and income on a regular basis will keep you from overspending.

4. Paying Off Credit Cards Every Month

Only put things on a credit card you can actually afford to pay for.

5. Living Below Your Means

Spend less than you make to build wealth quickly.

6. Setting Savings Goals

Make a plan for saving, whether it is for retirement or to buy a home.

7. Paying Off Debt

Make paying off student loans—or even your mortgage—a priority in order to avoid forking over huge amounts of interest over time.

8. Regularly Reviewing Accounts

Keep tabs on things by checking your bank and credit card accounts regularly.

9. Saving Windfalls

Put bonuses, gifts and tax refunds toward savings instead of going on a spending spree.

10. Maximizing Savings

Investing money will help turn your savings into more and reach your goals sooner.

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