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20 Ways to Romance Your Sweetheart without Breaking the Bank

20 Cheap Date Ideas Infographic

These 20 cheap date ideas will help you have loads of fun without breaking the bank! These ideas are free or less than $15.

    1. Waltz Down Memory Lane
      Get out your photobooks from your honeymoon, your wedding or even before you were together to share memories and stories.
    2. Go to the Library
      Grab a book or a magazine and find a cozy nook to read and chat. Read some poetry or learn something new!
    3. Grab an App
      Going out to eat can be pricey. Go out for an appetizer instead, and fill up at home later.
    4. Star Gaze
      Throw down a blanket and spend some time in awe at the universe. Find a star map online to help you identify constellations.
    5. Pinterest Party
      Do a craft project or make a meal together from Pinterest. See how creative you can get!
    6. Video Game Night
      Bust out your old Nintendo or Playstation for a fun night of competition and nostalgia. Mario Kart anyone?
    7. People Watching
      You know a spot ripe for people watching. Make a game of counting how many men have beards or how many people are staring at their phones.
    8. Discuss Your Core Values
      Take some time to define your top five values as individuals and couples. This can be challenging and eye opening!
    9. Test Drive a Car
      Go to a dealership and take your dream car for a spin. Just make sure you don’t get talked into buying a car out of your budget!
    10. Hit the Thrift Shops
      Perusing a thrift shop offers endless conversation. See who can find the best item for under $5.
    11. Take a Quiz
      Tons of websites offer free personality quizzes. Spend an evening predicting and discussing each other’s results.
    12. Volunteer
      Spend some time helping out at a soup kitchen or charity walk-a-thon for a special bonding opportunity.
    13. Knowledge Share
      Teach each other about a specific hobby you are especially passionate about or skill you have. For extra credit, make a Power Point presentation!
    14. Photoshoot
      Pretend you’re magazine models for an evening. Get dolled up and take some exciting photos of yourselves.
    15. In-home Spa
      Light some candles and put on some soft music. Massages with essential oils will make for an uber romantic evening.
    16. Make Shift Drive-In
      Get some movie candy, find a nice place to park and use your phone or tablet to watch a movie in your car!
    17. Art Walking Tour
      Take a self-guided walking tour to discover all the murals, sculptures and Instagram-worthy art you can.
    18. Dumpster Dive
      Drive around to see what treasures you can find on the side of the road. Then bedazzle an old mirror or paint an old chair.
    19. Foreign Language Learning
      Find a website or app with language-learning tools and spend an evening practicing words and giggling at each other’s bad accents.
    20. Play with a Puppy
      Go to the humane society or pet store to snuggle some adorable kittens, puppies or bunnies.