CUNA Mutual Targets Landlords With Launch of Renter SafetyNet

Happy tenants

Originally published by Coverager on Dec. 5, 2017


CUNA Mutual Group’s innovation lab is up to something, and that something is called ‘Renter SafetyNet’; a program launched in Wisconsin to offer landlords coverage against loss of income. “An income loss can throw a family’s financial security into jeopardy, making it difficult to pay rent and keep a roof overhead, and this impacts landlords’ ability to bring in rental income. A program like Renter SafetyNet not only helps landlords protect their income, but also keeps tenants in their homes ” – VP, Product Development at Renter SafetyNet, Dan Murray. Look:

Three things to note. One. The policy pays rent in the case that a tenant becomes unemployed or disabled. Two. The specific amount paid will depend on the actual rent of the unit. Three. Renter SafetyNet is issued for a one-year term and is non-renewable. After one year, the insurer will reach out to the policyholder to discuss the terms of renewal.

PS. Renter SafetyNet is the sub/sister-brand of SafetyNet that was established to provide income protection solutions.