Look Good on Paper: Resume Trends for the Modern Job Market

Resume Trends for 2017

Whether you’re updating your resume as part of an inspired New Year’s resolution or because you’re begrudgingly back on the market, knowing what says “modern” (and what looks old-school) is essential to opening doors with potential employers.

Especially if it’s been a while (say, from the pre-LinkedIn era), a lot has changed since you last grappled with those bullet points.

Resume trend #1: The new look

Today’s resumes are cleaner with modern fonts. Ditch the Times New Roman for something more contemporary such as Open Sans or Raleway, both free fonts from Google. The look is brighter, more visual. Some resumes may incorporate charts or graphics. Even the infographic is even becoming a new resume trend in some industries. (But beware: infographic resumes are not for every profession and, no matter what, you don’t want to make people work to understand you.)

Resume trend #2: The new content

The language of today’s resumes are increasingly results-driven. Instead of listing descriptions of your past jobs, your resume should highlight performance, show key work metrics and include industry-specific bullet points. Regardless of whether your prospective employer is using an applicant tracking system to read applications, the strongest resumes mirror language from the job postings they are responding to.

Resume trend #3: The new technology

Perhaps above all else, today’s employers expect you—and your resume—to exist online. Even though you may upload a pdf version of your resume, hyperlinks can abound. Include a personalized email or Gmail address. Add your LinkedIn profile—or even a personal website. Consider listing your social media accounts like Twitter or Instagram—but only if they reflect your professional persona and demonstrate your expertise and strategic connections. Above all else, remember to stay consistent with the language and info on those sites.

Feeling overwhelmed? Thankfully online templates abound.

Google “resume templates” and you’re sure to gain a sense of what’s circulating in your industry. For samples that will hit most any mark, below are links to resume templates that pass the both the traditional and the trend test.