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SafetyNet Now Connects You to Free Financial Resources

Free Financial Resources & Tools

We can’t change the way the world works. Emergencies will always occur. Bad things will always happen to good people. But we can change the way that the world helps everyday, hardworking people get through tough times.

Our mission at SafetyNet™ is to improve the financial well-being of millions of hard-working Americans by developing innovative financial solutions that help individuals manage unexpected cash flow, bill payment, and savings challenges. We are committed to developing unique products that are affordable and easy to use and understand.

What makes SafetyNet different than other insurance companies is that we’re not just focused on our own products. We’re focused on people. Our marketers, product designers, financial experts and engineers talked with thousands of people who know what it’s like to make hard decisions and ride out the storms of life. We know that sometime people just need information or to be pointed in the right direction to get their lives on track. That’s why we are committed to offering free resources and tools on our website for people to improve their financial situations and get the help they need.

Free Financial Resources Locator

In the spirit of this mission, SafetyNet recently partnered with SpringFour, an independent company that researches and verifies useful resources. We now offer a free app on our website to help people find government agencies and non-profit organizations that may help you find a job, pay less for heat, electricity, gas, and water, save money on food or childcare, or get access to free or low-cost healthcare.

This easy-to-use tool locates resources in your area and is completely anonymous — no email or contact information is collected. The app is completely free with no hidden charges.

Our app offers 10,000 services in 170 major metropolitan areas as well as state and federal programs. No matter where you live or what your financial situation, you can find services to lend you a helping hand.

Just enter your zip code to get started on this self-guided self-service search.

Free Budgeting 101 eBook

Saving money and getting ahead isn’t easy, but it is possible. In our Budgeting 101 ebook, we will explore various budgeting concepts and give you tips to manage your financial stress and start saving now. Even if you start small with just the loose change in your pocket—the most important thing is that you start. Download our free ebook as your first step to financial freedom.

Free Budgeting Excel Template

Budgeting doesn’t have to be painful. This Excel spreadsheet is self-adding, customizable and beautifully designed to make budgeting fun and easy! Just download our simple budgeting template to give you ideas for monthly expenses to make sure you are accounting for all your bills. Input your income and expenses to come up with a monthly budget and start saving money today!


Free Personal Finance Worksheet

This free personal finance worksheet will help you calculate your net worth. Figure out your assets, your liabilities and use that knowledge to determine if you are ready for a big purchase such as a home or new car. A personal finance worksheet is like a crystal ball for your financial future.

Free Layoff Survival Guide

No one likes thinking about layoffs. But unfortunately, layoffs are a reality for thousands of hardworking Americans, even when the economy is strong. Our complete Layoff Survival Guide walks you through everything from being able to anticipate a layoff to applying for unemployment to making ends meet between jobs. We hope this layoff ebook helps you not only survive a layoff, but use the opportunity as a catalyst for growth.

Get Financial Help Now

SafetyNet cares about the hardworking Americans struggling with financial and employment issues. We want you to get the help you need. Check out these free resources on our website and let us know if you find them helpful.