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SafetyNet Review from Bud, a Real Disability Insurance Customer

Video Transcription of SafetyNet Review

Bud, a Real SafetyNet™ Customer:

Have you heard Bud’s story?

As I’m getting the ground ready for gardening I twisted my hip

It was a pain that I hadn’t felt before…to the point where I really couldn’t walk. I had a total hip replacement. So then we realized I’m not going back to work.

We figured he’s gonna be off work for three months. They don’t have anything like even a sick day. There’s nothing.

When Bud got hurt, SafetyNet gave him thousands of dollars so his family could pay their bills.

It got scary real quick, because I’ve always worked, I’ve always provided. There’s no paycheck that’s gonna come in. Your family comes before anything. So…what happens now?

This caused him great stress…not knowing how he was gonna take care of us. We’re not extravagant people. Things don’t mean a whole lot to us. But you can lose everything you have. Everything, you know. That distress is just unbelievable…thinking, “What do I got to do just to get by?”

If you’re worried about not being able to pay the bills or not being able to feed your family or…How do you heal then?

With plans starting at $10 or less per month SafetyNet insurance will pay you thousands if you become injured or lose your job SafetyNet is a disability insurance we found Thank God we did!

I was paying $20 a month when this happened to Bud. They sent us a check for $6,000. Unbelievable! I never would have thought it would be that soon or so un-stressful. It’s just crazy!

We’ve designed a process that is simple because insurance doesn’t have to be complicated.

Knowing that your bills are gonna get covered…It changes things. It takes that weight off, which made it easier for him to heal. And going through SafetyNet, I’m least going to be okay until I can get back to work.

It just makes it easier to move forward in every step of life. It gives you that spark back. I can focus on the youngsters, and getting better and getting back to where our life was.

It felt wonderful to have our Bud back. We’ve got a lot of time invested in each other. We love each other dearly.

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