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SafetyNet Review from Eric, a Real Unemployment Insurance Customer

Video Transcription of SafetyNet Review

Eric, a Real SafetyNet™ Customer:

I’ve been a truck driver off and on for like 20 years. I love driving trucks, but I’m getting older. Anything can happen, you know, I can get hurt. What if I lose my job? Bills don’t stop coming.

People are financially strapped. About half of people do not have a quote unquote emergency fund.

You lose your job, you don’t have anybody to turn to or any money. It’s horrible. Only thing I can depend on is looking for another job, and sometimes that takes time.

What if they had enough cushion that they could weather these shocks when they happen?

I got to just thinking about some kind of insurance, and I came across SafetyNet.

You pay a monthly premium, and you get a benefit if something bad happens.

SafetyNet gives you money to keep you going if you’re laid off or become disabled for at least 30 days.

You don’t have to worry about coming up with a big chunk of change. You can still pay your mortgage, you can still buy your groceries, you can pay your bills.

You can buy into SafetyNet at four levels, starting at just five dollars a month. The benefit is a lump sum payment, ranging from $1500 to $9000.

For $20 a month, I can secure my future. What they give me back in return is $6000 if I lose my job. You got enough to actually get you by and get you over until you start a new job.

I don’t just have me to think about. I have a family. She’s my motivation.

What’s important about SafetyNet is it’s a way to prepare in case of that emergency.

The application process is really, really simple.

You go online to safetynet.com, and you answer three simple questions.

Insurance doesn’t have to be complicated.

Claims are quickly verified and paid within two to five days.

It is designed to be fast because we know that they have bills coming up next week. If something bad happens, you don’t have to start from scratch.

With SafetyNet, I feel protected, I feel secure. Just $20 a month that’s going to protect my family.