SafetyNet™ Review from Waunakee, WI Customer

Video Transcription of SafetyNet Review

Raymond W. from Waunakee, Wisconsin, a Real SafetyNet™ Customer:

I am a small engine technician. I work on all sorts of outdoor power equipment and even do some automotive repair on my own stuff. There’s not much out there that I can’t fix.

I had work’s rental trailer. That trailer’s a foot shorter than mine. Walking up into it, I whacked my head real good on top. Got a concussion, fell to my knees, saw stars, and that…still affects me today.

I even forgot that I took out the policy and I looked into it to make sure that this type of injury was covered and it was like a savior for me because definitely could use the money to get by. There’s lots of hard working Americans that could use insurance like that.